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The Lockdown Collection

This fantastic Limited Edition set consists of 12 A4 prints


There will only be 100 sets of these & you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity from Salvador Gallery.


This EXCLUSIVE never seen before artwork comes in a LIMITED EDITION run of 100 pieces. Each certificate will be randomly numbered.


You will receive one of each of these 

Bronson - By Reason of Insanity

The Lunatic with Two Heads


Arse Wash

A Salvador Tribute

Born Mad

Empty, Soulless & Alone

Beak Nose

Certified Insane

Certified Criminally Insane

Soulless & Empty

Control Bubble



The Lockdown Collection - 12 A4 Prints - Only 100 sets Available

£120.00 Regular Price
£100.00Sale Price
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