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The Dirty Dozen Collection


This special set comprises of 12  x A3 Limited Edition Prints 


Each one of these prints features Charlie's blood stained thumb prints and also his signature! These are direct copies from the Original Collection.


This EXCLUSIVE never seen before artwork comes in a LIMITED EDITION run of 250 pieces. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity from Salvador Gallery.  Each certificate will be randomly numbered.


You will receive the whole collection of 12 x A3's which are Charles Bronson's Dirtiest people he has been locked up with.

Donald Neilson, Levi Bellfield, Patrick Mackay, Ian Brady, Malcolm Fairly, Harold Shipman, Edward Paisnel, Erskine, Myra Hindley, Peter Cook, Peter Sutcliffe & Fred West

The Dirty Dozen - A Collection of 12 Special A3 Limited Edition Prints

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